Your Local Rocklin Landscaping Pro’s

Your Local Rocklin Landscaping Pro’s

Rocklin Landscaping

Ever Heard of Rocklin Landscaping Pro’s?

Have you ever heard of Rocklin Landscaping? We hadn’t either! That wasn’t until we visited some wonderful friends of our out in Sunny Northern California! We had headed west for the dreaded East Coast winter to explore the West Coast, and what better place to be than Cali?! In short, we started in the souther half of the state to catch some waves and then headed North to visit some friends. During our stay, our friends were in the middle of having their back back yard redone. Which, I must mention, last year when they initially bought the house, they were sitting on a dirt pile! None the less, we got their in the middle of the transformation and whoa what a transformation it was. Mind you they’re on a quarter acre lot, so nothing to large, but end to end that space was beautifully transformed. Those landscapers knew exactly what they were doing and brought my friends dream back yard to life! It was a true oasis!

She had put in a vegetable garden, fruit trees, walk paths, a little bridge over a pond! Seating benches, lighting, flower bushes, the whole nine yards! I felt like I was in a magical place in a far off land!! I planted myself in the gorgeous oasis, finding myself sipping on margarita’s and admiration! These Rocklin Landscaper’s rocked!

I guess I never put too much thought into landscaping as I’ve always been on the go go go, and most places are already landscaped, so I don’t usually get the chance to see the the effort, passion and outcome from beginning to end. I have a new respect and wonderment about what landscapers do and the service they provide. They truly create a lovely little getaway in your own back yard! Id’ highly recommend them f you’re ever in Rocklin CA and they can be found at

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